To achieve the best possible result from your curly hair cut please follow the guidelines below before your services.

Don’t forget to follow the curly hair prep instructions, failure to do so could result in an additional fee, cancellation or negatively affect the final result of your haircut.



Freshly wash and untangle your hair the night or day before and allow it to air dry or diffuse.


If you co-wash or use oils in your hair you must wash your hair with shampoo (those with tighter curls or coils should shampoo twice).



Waves/Loose CurlsLoose/Tighter Curls /  Tighter Curls/Coils/Kinks





Style your hair with your USUAL products and define. Avoid using extra strong hold gelS OR OILS.


For Kinky/Coily’s, if you don’t usually wear your hair naturally, DO THE FOLLOWING: after applying your usual products please section hair into 4 – 6 loose twists (if the hair is short, please leave it out)).



Come to the appointment with your hair down. 

(If you wear the hijab, leave hair out or tie it up loosely, then flatten hair with a satin scarf (see video) and cover it with your hijab.))




DO NOT wear or use grips, clips, scarves, headbands, sunglasses, or headwear before your appointment.




DO NOT come to an appointment with hair that has been taken out of cornrows, braids, or twists the day or night before.





If you wear your hair in a twist out, please come with a fresh one. No more than a day old.


Refresh hair by spritzing with some water and styling with usual products. (If your hair needs it!)